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  Ray will take it on!

I hail from the North -- Canada.  When I was 14 I got to go to Europe with the older kids because I had top grades in history and art.  And... I’d earned all my own money to pay for  the trip. Out of school I took my second adventure. I hitch hiked across Canada three times.  Later I went to work as a steel worker erecting sawmills across the country.

Art came back into my life when I took a motor cycle trip to the US and met  my future wife in Roseburg in 1988.

That was my first work of art.  After years of steel sculpture, making jewelry and painting,  in 1993 I started Deezines. My work has been shown across Oregon.

I’ve gotten to know Oregon pretty well since I often travel to shows and to work with my customers.  Gardeners are artists too, and together we come up with some pretty good stuff!

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